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Enjoy delicious dark tea
from roasted black soybeans

Few people are familiar with black soybeans in the United States. But in Asia, where they originated, they have been used for centuries both as a nutritious food, a symbol of good luck and health, and as a useful component for treating many chronic conditions. A more recent trend in Japan is for people to roast the beans and make tea.

We would now like to introduce our unique version of the bean tea to the U.S. Our Ninjabeans are made from black soybeans that are grown in the U.S., are 100% pure, and have no sugar or flavor added. We then carefully roast the raw black soybeans in a complex process that maximizes both the sweet flavor and the nutritional benefits of the bean.

The hulls of the soybeans are naturally shiny and black. When carefully roasted, the black hulls crack to release their nutrition and flavor. It’s this little mask-like crack that gives the beans their name. You only have to add water to the hand-roasted beans for a delicious cup of tea. You can then eat the beans themselves to take full advantage of their fiber, protein, and other constituents. So there’s no waste!

Top reasons to try Ninjabean tea:

  • Enjoy its rich, nutty, and slightly sweet flavor
  • Experience a delicious alternative to caffeinated drinks
  • Double the pleasure by eating the beans after tea
  • Take full advantage of the nutritional value of the beans