The power of black!

Black soybeans, raw

Asian treasure

A native of China, the black soybean has been used in Asia for centuries not only as a nutritious food but also as a component of remedies for many chronic conditions. In Japan, black soybeans are considered a precious food served at New Year’s and on other special occasions. They even call it “black diamond” because of its shiny and elegant hull. According to different legends, the beans are thought to bring good luck, good health, hard work, and lead to a long life.

To more fully understand the benefits of the black soybean in recent years, Asian scientists have conducted many studies and discovered that they contain polyphenols such as isoflavones and anthocyanins naturally produced in certain plants.

Polyphenols in Ninjabeans


The table below shows four key components
analyzed in 100 grams of Ninjabeans.

  Ninjabeans (mg/100g)
  Polyphenols (UV) 263
  Isoflavones (HPLC) 325
  Saponins 21
  Potassium 1410

(Source: Analysis of Ninjabeans by Eurofins Scientific Inc, Petaluma, CA)